Large audiences have enjoyed a travelogue of stories, facts, amusing anecdotes and haunting music during Nick’s cruises for Saga, Cunard, P&O and Fred Olsen.

Lectures currently available

  1. From Holland to the Carmague via Turkey & Greece
  2. Spain, Portugal and Morocco
  3. Animals, people and places – a mini trip around the world
  4. Birds of prey – including the story of young eagles growing up in the Scottish Highlands
  5. It’s a wonderful world. Barn Owls growing up in Lincolnshire, people’s favourite birds, the Starling poem, plut lots more and three beautiful music sequences.
  6. The Island Trilogy part 1: Spitzbergen to Northern Norway
  7. The Island Trilogy part 2: Northern Norway to Cape Verde Islands
  8. The Island Trilogy part 3: Cape Verde Islands to the Falklands

Plus new shows to include Mongolia, Nepal, Sri Lanka and New Zealand.

Nick sharing his fish and chips with the locals in New Zealand

Nick and his mates being dropped off on the tin island of Raso in the Cape Verde Islands

Nick pretending to be a golden eagle in order to check flash settings

Dusky dolphin putting on a show.

Kingfisher waiting to pounce.

Lammergier at sunrise in the Himalayas

An excitable Macaque on the Rock of Gibraltar

Life in the Sahara Desert

A Golden Eagle silhouetted against a beautiful Mongolian sky


It was worth paying to come on the cruise just to watch your shows

Thank you so much, you made our cruise

You've certainly got quite a following, they really love it!

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Your lectures have inspired me to do something similar

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