Shows in the WORLD OF BIRDS series

British Birds of Prey
Features all british birds of prey, including Golden Eagles in Scotland, Peregrines in the Lake District, Harriers and Barn Owls in Lincolnshire.

Central Spain & Morrocco
From the lagoons of the central plains to birds of prey in the west. Features the three ‘blacks’ – Shouldered Kite, Vulture and Stork.  Second half covers two weeks spent in the wilds of Morrocco – marshes, mountains and desert

From the Dummersee to the Camargue
The Dummersee in Northern Germany is one if Europe’s most ‘underwatched’ areas.  It boasts over 100 breeding birds – includes Eagle Owl, Tengmalms Owl, Black Tern, Great Grey Shrike, Goshawk, Black Tailed Godwit as well as the common Marsh and Icterine Warblers, Hawfinch and Black Redstart.  Also visits Holland, Greece and then along the Med coast west to the Camargue.

Birding in Turkey and Mongolia
From Ankara to Birecik.  Features the ‘dead body’ story, ‘held up at gunpoint’ and ‘covered in leeches’ – not to mention some of the birds photographed, including Pelicans, Slender Billed Gulls and Purple Gallinule at the nest. Part two looks at my trip to Mongolia.

Bird Islands
Starting with Sea Eagles in Northern Norway and then across to Scotland, down to The Farnes and finishing the first half in The Cape Verde Islands. Part two features my visits to The Falklands.

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Now we have seen all your shows, our members have asked if they can see them again!

Nottingham RSPB Group

Another superb audio visual display....Nick brought last year's largest attendance

Derby RSPB Group

You came with glowing references, and you certainly lived up to expectations

Mid Nene RSPB Group

It must be difficult to be the 'warm-up' act for a celebrity, but it was unanimous that you
rated absolute top marks and (dare I say it) eclipsed David Bellamy

The Len Pick Trust, Bourne, Lincs